Erős Király Holding Kft

Hungarian Independent Investment Firm.

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Our Activities

We specializes in small company stock investing. Our focus is Europe.
The firm was formed in 2014 by a group of experienced professionals that have been successful
in assembling investment talent and effectively managing small cap products.


We have forged a consistent and disciplined investment approach to uncovering and investing in small company stocks that are selling at discount to the underlying company's true economic value.


Our current size is an advantage as most small cap investment managers lose their strategic advantage once assets exceed their capabilities..

Client Services

An accessible and responsive client service and investment team - our team is comprised of experienced professionals that have worked effectively with numerous institutional clients over the past 20+ years.

What we are looking for

We seeks to invest in companies with:


Wide moats or strong competitive advantages that protect market share and profitability


Relevancy over the long term, which provides a compounding growth component.


Quality management teams that will act in the best interest of shareholders.


Favorable three-year investment horizon

Bear Markets

Our targets should shield investors from losses during bear markets.


Our investment should outperform the Russell Mid Cap Index over the long-run on a risk-adjusted basis with a high active share.

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The spirit that we are trying to capture here in Europe...

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